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Blocked Drains Oxford

Blocked Drains Oxford

Oxford OX1 Blocked drains including Blocked Toilet Bath Shower Bath basin Urinal and Drains all Unblocked. The very best service provided  from the very best Local Company. Our drain clearance service is reliable, fast and affordable.

We have been unblocking drains for many years. Fully equipped vehicles capable of drain clearing with high pressure drain jetters and all the tools required. We are available for 365 days of the year providing Emergency Drain Response.



Blocked Drains Oxford
Blocked Drains Oxford
Blocked Drain Oxford
Blocked Drains Oxford

Blocked Drains Oxford

Blocked Drains Oxford



Blocked Drains in Oxford, for all of your Drains in Oxfordshire.


We Guarantee we are a small local company in Oxfordshire. No Franchise or part of a national company. Family owned and run as a family. Call to speak to Ryan.

Friendly Engineers Gareth/Steve or Rhyse are ready to unblock your Drains.

Our Vehicles are ready to respond to your blocked drains Oxford 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. DrainGain is the name you can trust to be there 24hrs a day, our phones will be answered no matter what time of the day, we know how important this is

Blocked drains

Blocked drains can be real nightmare for home owners and due to the not so nice consequences of foul sewage entering your property we understand how important it is to resolve the issue swiftly.

DrainGain can resolve your blocked toilets and drains, and should you have any internal flooding we have the equipment to clear this up to minimise the damage caused. Call us now for a fast response to your drains and save your property from foul sewage.

With FIXED Pricing you know where you stand with us, no hidden charges or cost what we quote is what you pay and all included in the first hour, which includes jetting. It is as simple as that. You can call us for a free no obligation quotation to clear your drains; we will try to beat any quote.

Blocked Drains Oxford
Blocked drains Unblocked in Oxford

My Oxford Drains Keep blocking

We know all about why your drains are constantly blocking in Oxford. With many calls to Blocked drains Oxford issue with drains. Root masses and broken drains along with wet wipes and toys in the drains. Most reoccurring blocked drains can be avoided. Be careful with what you place down your drains. Wet wipes and sanitary products should be placed in a bin and disposed of. By placing a plug hole strainer on your sinks, baths and showers will prevent hair and food waste entering your drains and blocking the u bends and traps. Regular flushing with hot water can help keep your drains free flowing and drains clear. External broken drains are unavoidable and with ground movement over many years your drainage pipes will move, this can cause the drain to become fractured and joint displaced. Once you have a open joint in the outside drain then roots and vermin such as rats can enter your drains. You will probably require a drain survey to establish the facts of why your drains are blocking and reveal the facts. 


Problems with your toilet blocked. Trouble with blocked toilets can be difficult to clear. Toilet paper and wet wipes causing blockages in the back of your toilet require specialist tools to unblock. Drain Gain have the tools and the skills to clear you clogged pipes. Blocked Drains Oxford Unblocked.

Blocked Sink Bath Basin Shower

BLOCKED SINK, BLOCKED BATH, BLOCKED SHOWER or your DRAINS BLOCKED then rest assured you have arrived at the correct place to resolve you drain problems with the minimum of fuss.

With fully equipped vehicles in the local area, being as we are based in Didcot Oxfordshire, we can attend your drains within 2 hours of your call in normal working times, this will minimise the chances of any flooding and nasty mess to clean up and protect your property and belongings.

Blocked Toilets, Sinks and Baths

Blocked Drains Oxford & Drain Unblocking.

If your Drains are Blocked in Oxford and you like to use a local drain clearing company then we promise that is what we are. We provide Drain Clearing covering all of Oxfordshire. Some of the areas we cover, Blocked Drains Kidlington, Carterton, Marston, Botley, Burford, Headington, Rose Hill, Cowley, Summertown, Abingdon, Swindon, Reading, Newbury. Bampton, Banbury, Bicester, Oxford City, Wallingford, Wantage

Dealing With Blocked Drains in Oxford and Throughout The South East.

With the local area combining historical, modern and rural areas in which to live and work – Oxfordshire offers one of the most picturesque places in the UK. With so many differing structures, landscapes and their requirements comes the difference in how they function. Older properties, for example, may not have a fully-functioning drainage system, or those properties in the more rural settings, not being connected to a wider drainage system at all, requiring its own septic tank or cesspool.

Blocked drains simply stop water from draining away after use, leaving it to regurgitate back through your plumbing system causing a mess and smell that can be unbearable. Small blockages can be treated using a simple hand tool, such as a plunger but often, the blockage is difficult to get to or there’s a larger, more sinister underlying issue. This can be a mechanical fault with your water-releasing appliance, pipework or the entire plumbing system altogether. When such things occur, you should call in the professionals to swiftly deal with your blocked drains in Oxford.

Why Choose Us.

If you are suffering with blocked drain Oxford then please contact us to have your drains unblocked by Oxfords leading drain company. Our drain services are not expensive and we are a small friendly team who are willing to help and give a great service.

Blockages indoors or outdoors can be resolved by us. We operate 24-Hours a day. So no matter what time of the day you can be sure we are here to respond come rain or shine. Our Drain Services deal with Blockages every day.

Our Drain Services

  • Blocked Drains
  • Blocked Sinks and baths
  • Blocked urinals and soak aways
  • Drain Clearance
  • Septic tank emptying
  • Septic tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Maintenance
  • Sewage Pump Station Emptying and Maintenance
  • Gully Emptying
  • Soakaway Test Percolation
  • Fat and Grease Trap Emptying
  • Drain Surveys
  • Drain Repairs
  • And so much more

Where does Sewage end up

Here will will explain the process of foul water from when it leaves your property to where it ends up. Foul water of which comes from your toilet and grey water which comes from your sinks, baths and showers. Both will end up in a public sewer at some point. The sewers will lead to a Sewage treatment plant. The treatment plant will remove the solids through different stages, firstly the inlet screening, this is where solids normally bigger than 6mm are removed by way of an inlet screen, wet wipes,sanitary items and stones are removed. The next stage will be the Primary Settlement process. This is where the solids are settled out and removed, the settled solids are known as sludge. The settled sewage will then move on to the biological treatment, this is where the micro organisms are removed. Next is the final treatment where more fine solids are removed. The remaining now clean effluents are returned to a water course ready to be used again at some point.



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Blocked Drains Oxford
Blocked drains Oxford including sinks baths basins and urinals.
Blocked Drains Oxford
Blocked Drains Oxfordshire Emergency 24hr Drain Services
Blocked drains Oxford
Drain services in Oxford

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Thank you for doing such an excellent job. Great to have everything flowing again! best regards Tom
Dear Ryan Steve has just finished the job and left, will you be emailing me an invoice? If so we can pay by faster payment if you supply your written account and sort code, we can then quote invoice number on payment reference. The work looks really good, Steve has advised to let it dry for 2 days before driving over, which is not a problem. Thank you very much, I am pleased to have found Drain Gain and enjoy doing business with you. With kind regards Diane (Mrs Iddon)
Hi please can you send a copy of invoice and with the pictures Liam took as i need to claim back off company who blocked with wipes. Liam was fantastic, so helpful and friendly...a credit to your company!
Dave Wadsworth
Many thanks for coming out so quickly to empty our septic tank. I have passed the invoice onto our accounts lady who will get it paid as soon as possible. Kindest regards Tara
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