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Blocked Sink Oxford

Blocked sink Oxford unblocked fast by a local independent company DrainGain the name you can trust when it comes to all types of drain unblocking. As for most blockages these are commonly caused by the incorrect items being placed down them. Blocked sinks can cause local flooding within your property and if they become blocked here is some information to help prevent any flooding.

Blocked sink in your kitchen or utility room will normally mean something else may be connected into the waste, such as dishwashers and washing machines, these items will need to be switched off so as to prevent any further flooding. Also place a sign on the sink to advise others of the blockage so as they do not run the taps or pour any other liquid down the sink.

Call a local drain clearing company to ask for a price to unblock your sink, be aware of the following. Ensure you know what you are getting for your money and ensure the company is local by asking them for the registered office address. Also make sure you know what is being provided in that quote. The quote should include the following, 1 hour of labour, rodding and jetting with no hidden costs. If you are unsure then ask the company to provide this via email to yourself before you proceed. NEVER give out any card details or make any payments until the work has been completed and you are fully satisfied.

DrainGain The Name You Can Trust

Call DrainGain if you require any advice on this and we will gladly provide this totally free of charge

01235 280 124

All prices will be subject to VAT at 20%. And all work is quoted for 1 hour to include labour and the use of drain clearing equipment including jetting, unless otherwise stated.Once the first hour is complete a charge for the second hour will be applied £65 per hour plus VAT. All drains have to be fully accessible and inspection chambers accessible.DrainGain can not be held responsible for any damage caused in the removal of drain covers etc, or and damage caused to drains or property by high pressure jetting, the very nature of high pressure jetting may find weakness in your drains. Remember a drain can only block by the incorrect items being placed in it or a faulty drain, we do not cause blockages, we clear them. If we are called and the blockage is found to be on a shared drain then you will still be charged the quoted price and this is not negotiable.These are our terms of business. They are displayed in clear view on every page. We like to be open and honest and this is why we have decided to display them. By accepting our quote it will be deemed that you have read and fully understand these terms of business. If you would like these sent to you then please provide us with your email address and we will mail them to you.
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