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Helicopter Rides Over Oxford

Helicopter Rides Over Oxford

The Experience

See over 40 Dreaming Spires of Oxford, Blenheim Palace (birth place of Sir Winston Churchill) and the spectacular Oxfordshire countryside from the air!

The helicopter gracefully lifts into the air, accelerates and climbs up, up and away. The Oxfordshire countryside is a spectacular sight – railways, streams, villages and farmland gently pass by underneath. Soon you come across the majesty of Oxford, with its 800-year history as the home of royalty and scholars. The university, the cathedral, the River Thames, the mix of ancient and modern landmarks – the dreaming spires are all for you to see. This is a 30min flight, which includes commentary from your pilot, who will ensure you don’t miss any of the thrilling landmarks en-route.

  • Fly for 25 – 30 mins on board one of our Jet Powered Helicopters
    • Pre-Flight Safety Briefings
    • Valid for flights from Waterperry, Oxfordshire
    • Flying Season is April – October
    • Spectators are welcome and may take photographs.
  • 01753 642 440

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