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Home Buyers Drain Survey Oxfordshire

Home Purchase Drain Survey OxfordHome Buyers Drain Survey Oxfordshire

Buying a new House??

Are you aware that its now the legal responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair any of the underground drainage and foul systems which could hide some very costly repair bills.

A private sewer is the joint responsibility of the properties that drain into it. This responsibility continues up to the point where the private sewer (including the connection) joins a public sewer. This means that often, people are responsible for the repair and maintenance of drainage pipes that are beneath land owned by somebody else, such as a neighbour.

Responsibility for private sewer defects and blockages lies with the owners/occupiers of properties draining into the sewer upstream of any defect or blockage. Common faults found in underground drainage systems are collapsed pipes, blockages with Fat,Grease and other debris , Root ingress from trees or plants. All of which we are able to assist with our free quote service and follow up work.

To arrange a pre-purchase survey which comes with a fully written report & web link to the footage from your survey giving you the peace of mind and one less moving in worry.

For a fixed fee of £174 inc Vat.

For all enquirers contact Daniel or Ryan direct 01235201981

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