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Septic Tank Emptying

Septic Tank Emptying Oxford
Septic Tank Emptying Oxfordshire

Septic Tank Emptying


Septic Tank emptying and cesspool emptying and tanker services covering Oxfordshire.

DrainGain empty septic tanks, cesspools, wet waste, interceptors and road gullies in the Didcot, Watlington, Henley, Benson, Chinnor area.

DrainGain have a fleet of drainage vehicles which are equipped to deal with large-scale drainage problems such as septic tank emptying. We provide a full septic tank cleaning service, clearing blocked inlets and outlets, removal of wet and dry materials and safe transportation of waste to registered disposal sites in Oxfordshire.

Septic tanks are usually placed in an area where a sewage connection the the main sewer is not possible, more often than not septic tanks are located in remote areas. Septic tanks require de sludgeing one or two times per year. A septic tnak should never be emptied. The idea is to leave some sludge in the tank to keep the process alive. Regular servicing of septic tanks and soak aways should keep your septic tank is good order and prolong its life.

As sewage and wastewater enter the first chamber, any solids are ‘encouraged’ to settle at the bottom where they will be decomposed by the septic bacteria through anaerobic digestion. A crust will also form on the surface; ensuring the perfect environment for the bacteria to survive. Meanwhile, the liquors will flow into the second chamber, where smaller suspended particles are again encouraged to settle before the liquors finally exit the tank through to the soak away system and into the surrounding environment where any residual impurities are trapped and eliminated in the soil.

24 Hour emergency service for all tankering requirements. DrainGain are a local company with our head office in Didcot Oxfordshire. Registered UK LTD company providing septic tank services.

Septic Tank Emptying Newbury

We also provide septic tank emptying services in Newbury, please click here to view.

Areas Covered:Wantage Town.Garford. Charney Bassett. Lyford. Stanford In The Vale. Shellingford. Uffington. Sparsholt. West Challow. Goosey. Denchworth. East Hanney. West Hanney. Steventon. Milton. East Hendred. West Hendred. Ardington. East Lockinge. Letcombe Regis. Letcombe Bassett. Childrey. Oxfordshire  Abingdon, Burcot, Chalgrove, Cholsey, Chinnor, Crowmarsh, Culham, Didcot, Garsington, Harwell, Marcham, Oxford, Sutton Courtenay, Thame, Wallingford, Wantage, Watlington, Witney OX1, OX2, OX3,OX4, OX5, OX9, OX10, OX11, OX12, OX14, OX28, OX29, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49

Septic Tank emptying

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